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Five Must-Haves for Your Virtual Office

It’s been more than a year since many of us began working at home. And during that time, as the pandemic wore on…and on…and on…we’ve all experimented with how to fashion a home office.

But whether you have a large home office, the edge of a kitchen table or what is now lovingly known as a “cloffice” (tiny workspace inside a closet), here are five must-haves to make your virtual workspace work for you:[…]

WFH – Panacea or Nightmare?!

A client recently told me how much they liked Zoom meetings. Curious, I asked “why?” She said it helped her see the true state of the team. She went on to cite a usually vibrant colleague who could be seen visibly struggling to keep her eyes open due to home schooling by day and working at night! As we pass the anniversary of lockdown 1 in the UK, let’s look at what is working, what’s not and why. […]

How to Prepare a Talk in 5 Minutes

We’ve all been there. You’re in a meeting, minding your own business, when your boss suddenly turns to you and says: “I’d like you say something about XXX in 5 mins.” You smile politely and nod. “Sure,” you respond. “No problem.”

Inside, however you’re panicking. You’re always super prepared when you give a talk. You like to have all your ducks in a row. But 5 minutes? What if you say the wrong thing? Or forget to make your key point? Or – worst of all – ramble incoherently? […]

Keeping Virtual Meetings Fresh

Readers might be surprised that video telephony was actually invented in 1968! But after Zoom/Teams calls “ad nauseam” we are possibly beginning to see why it’s taken so long to take off! It’s a double edged sword and many of us feel somewhat jaded to put it mildly . But sadly its a technology that is very much here to stay and the need to master this new medium will increasingly be a deciding success factor. So how do you inject new life into groups that have become stale? one way is to seek an external facilitator/host […]

Hey Big Vendor!

During almost 30 years working within a well known FTSE 100 company, I was frequently the target of many a zealous vendor trying get a slice of our multimillion pound sales and marketing budget. I have to say, for the most part, I found them to be a pain in the neck, which was slightly ironic as I was a sales person myself […]

The English: A few words of advice from an American in London……

I’ve lived in the UK for 14 years and now hold dual American and British citizenship. While I’ve not yet braved the wilds of the famously challenging UK driving test, I’ve gotten to the point where England’s 4 pm winter nightfall no longer fazes me. […]

Whoops……Mind your body language!

For those of you who have attended our workshops and coaching, you will know we shatter quite a few myths about the subject of body language or what psychologists refer to as, non-verbal communication. In the game of poker, a “tell” is a change in the behaviour or demeaner that betrays clues as to a players assessment of their hand. […]

Ground-hog day is over!

It’s official: Traditional face-to-face coaching is back!

Lockdown has been very tough for all of us, but in different ways. Whether it’s the increased childcare for working parents, burn-out through overwork, lack of bonding caused by remote  teamwork or, as I suspect for most of us, that sense of interminable “Ground-hog day feeling” as days become weeks and weeks become months, with little sign of change. […]

Teamworking – Sink or Swim! 

Teams can be a bit like families. I remember when I was 11 years old and growing up on England’s south coast. My family had a comfortable life: a stable income, comfortable home by the seaholidays in France – life seemed blissful. But all that changed in an instant when my father lost his income, completely, and we all lost our home.  […]

Welcome to Richard Tams

This week we welcome our newest Associate Richard Tams who has kindly written an article on remote team-working and leadership. Before teaming up with Clearwater, Richard enjoyed a 27 year career at British Airways where he worked collaboratively with many cultures around the world and often remotely. His last roles were Head of UK & Ireland Sales and Marketing and Executive Vice President China, Hong Kong SAR and the Philippines. Richard has sat on a number of boards including airlines, tour operators and Chambers of Commerce and he currently runs his own consultancy, moderating and coaching business, Tailwind Advisory. […]

Video Killed the Orator!

For those accustomed to addressing others from the head of a boardroom table, the dais of a press briefing or the stage of an international convention, a sea of eyes staring at you is not too distressing. Ask them to launch forth into a little green light at the top of their laptop for 30 minutes and it’s a different matter. […]

Be honest, does WFH really work?

Regular followers of our tips and articles will have seen the insightful article our new colleague Richard Tams wrote last week on the challenges of working remotely from home.

Sticking with the words of Henry Ford, my favourites are:

“Coming together is a beginning. Keeping together is progress. Working together is success.” […]

Remote Leadership: How to Practice the Art of Active Listening

As we collectively settle into a long stretch of working from home, we’re quickly adjusting to a host of new challenges. Seemingly overnight, we’ve all become experts in using “gallery view” on Zoom. We’re gradually working out which headsets will best enable us to drown out the sound of barking dogs and screaming children. We’re even figuring out what counts as an acceptable Online dress code, somewhere between pyjamas and suit. […]

Covid-19: Clearwater Advisers Response and Offerings

By now many of you will be using remote team working tools like MS Teams, Zoom, Jabber and Skype with varying degrees of success.

We are keen to support all our clients at this difficult time and would like to make you are aware of what we can and what we can’t do remotely. We are currently able to offer the following in 90 minute modules[…]

Presentation Skills: Creating a good set of notes

Those of you who have experienced our coaching will know the value of a staggered layout to assist in delivery. One of the things that is critical is the type of language you use. Broadly speaking language falls into a hierarchy…[…]

How to Thrive in the 21st Century: Upgrade your soft skills

As the curtain falls on yet another World Economic Forum, discussion naturally goes to the future of the world economy and its concomitant risks. A crucial risk that wasn’t discussed in Davos this year was the future of work. According to a landmark McKinsey report on the future of work published in 2017, automation could […]

The real reason Boris resembles Trump

Ever since Boris Johnson became leader of the Conservative party in the UK, much has been made of his purported similarities to the American President, Donald Trump. Both men are seen to be “disrupters” within their parties.  Both men have espoused a populist, anti-globalisation message to harness support among working class voters.  And both men have […]

By Delia Lloyd

5 Myths about Public Speaking

By Delia Lloyd Public speaking is a critical skill in the 21st century workplace. And yet many people list public speaking as their top fear, second only to death. That fear can be particularly damaging for women, who often suffer from “Fear of Public Speaking” (FOPS) syndrome. But a lot of that fear is misplaced. And that’s because most […]

Pitching to Win: Client Debrief Call Part 1

Talking to a client recently about how they were getting on with their pitches, I heard that they recently got the following client feedback having pitched for a major piece of business. “Firm A were bad, firm B […]

Clearwater Advisers Spring Promotion 25% off all Analysis, Event preparation and Coaching for 25 days Offer must ends: 31 May 2016 After the financial turbulence of the first quarter, many of our clients are under a lot of cost and margin pressure. Times have been tough.  As the sun has finally come out and […]

Persuasion: What does the “Brexit” debate teach us about the gentle art? As the full weight of the seismic events of a Brexit vote begin to sink in, I thought it valuable to reflect on some of the fundamental lessons for business leaders […]

75%……………….. That’s the percent of executives who told Forbes that they watch work-related videos on business websites at least once a week. No one can deny the meteoric rise of our consumption of video. What started in the consumer space quickly crossed over into the corporate space as large organisations recognised and attempted to leverage the power […]

Clearwater Advisers 10% off Analysis, Coaching and Event Support Offer ends: 31st January 2016   How are those New Year resolutions coming along? How serious are you about winning more business in 2016? What would happen to your career of you had superior communication skills? What about putting yourself forward to present instead of […]

Clearwater Advisers  10% off Analysis, Coaching and Event Support Offer ends: 31st January 2016 Happy New Year! January is the time for making New Year resolutions. Sadly many of these fail due to lack of support and feedback mechanisms. But what if… […]

The Art and Science of Powerful Public Speaking By Nick Marson Three out of four chief executives fear speaking in public more than anything. How can this be? After all, they are confident and powerful people sitting at the tip of their industries. The problem is that they want to be authentic when they speak […]

David Cameron hailed his recent surprise win as the “sweetest victory” in a generation. In reality he won the UK General Election because he “won” England. The outright winner in Scotland was Nicola Sturgeon whose hegemony clearly influenced English voters who may have voted “for Nurse for fear of something worse”. A dramatic and […]

A reflection on the life and legacy of a masterful communicator The life and legacy of a great leader and masterful communicator. There is no doubt by now that Baroness Thatcher was one of the greats. It is no accident that she was afforded the same send off today that the nation gave Sir Winston […]

“The key to successful leadership today is influence, not authority”

Kenneth Blanchard

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