Whoops! Mind your body language!

Whoops……Mind your body language!

For those of you who have attended our workshops and coaching, you will know we shatter quite a few myths about the subject of body language or what psychologists refer to as, non-verbal communication. In the game of poker, a “tell” is a change in the behaviour or demeaner that betrays clues as to a players assessment of their hand. Of course any experienced player will tell you that not all tells are genuine and then you have to distinguish a bluff from the real thing. The same goes for presenting. This week as the US presidential election campaigns gather steam, we thought you might enjoy this article found by our very own New Jersey born and bred, Delia Lloyd! Can you spot the real from the phoney?


“I’m a Body Language Expert. Here’s What I Saw During the Conventions.”


We can’t vouch for the book yet as we’ve not read it, but if you are interested in what your body language is saying about you, why not get in touch and book a Personal Presence Analysis which will give you an accurate picture of how your words, music and dance line up………………..or don’t!


Stop Press: Its now possible to make PPA recordings via online platforms.