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Media Handling

We find the media is much misunderstood and largely feared by executives. Whilst wanting the exposure, they don’t want to be misquoted/misrepresented and fear getting it wrong. This means they tend to err on the side of not engaging with the media unless they have to i.e. In a crisis. by this stage it is too late. Our more savvy clients recognise the value of honing their media skills and keeping them sharp so they are prepared when a crisis hits and can turn it round to get positive exposure. They also have the skills to use the media to promote them and their brand.
The media training world is littered with out of work journalists setting themselves up as media trainers.  It is difficult to chose the good from the majority who are mediocre. Working with Clearwater Advisors you are assured that you are working with top quality coaches who understand both sides of the media interview.
Our coaching combines education of how to become “media talent” together with the opportunity to build proficiency in interview situations. If you know how to use the media it represents a great highly cost effective way of getting your name and message out to an ever larger audience.
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