Developing Natural Communicators

Clearwater Advisers has been showing clients around the world how to stand out and win hearts and minds for over 10 years. Broadly speaking, we carry out work in three ways;
  • One-to-one coaching with leaders
  • Group workshops (2-6 people)
  • Advisory support- preparing people for live events.
More often than not, once we start working with a client, it becomes a combination of all three.

Bespoke service

All our work is bespoke and precisely tailored to meet your specific needs so we work with your material and are highly flexible

Increase trust and buy-in

As a firm of strategic communication advisors, we specialise in showing leaders and their teams how to increase trust and buy-in when they communicate.

Develop winning presentations and live events

We will work with you in an advisory capacity as you prepare for live events.  E.g. Roadshows, IPOs/Divestments, Investor presentations, Beauty Parades, conference speeches or product launches

Our unique approach

At Clearwater Advisers, we combine the science of the latest diagnostic communication analysis technology (Personal Presence Analysis®) with the art of projecting your natural personality.

Our aim is simple

To show you how to come across naturally in high pressure situations.
Discover how we can help you and your team.
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