Developing Natural Communicators

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1. Reducing the Risk – Management Assessment
It is a well-known maxim that “passions persuade” but up until now it has been difficult to accurately measure this key element. Through our Personal Presence Analysis® (P.P.A.) service we have the ability to objectively measure the soft skills of a management team such as credibility, competence, persuasiveness and dynamism. It is our experience that it is these qualities that are the most significant attributes in the impression forming of staff. This will give you a very accurate picture of the management team; help you assess their strengths and weaknesses before putting them in front of audiences; improve weaknesses and so reduce the risk. The earlier this is done, the better as it allows adequate time to coach improvements.
2. Presentation Coaching – Content and Strategy
Typically firms can spend long hours deliberating over what needs to go in and what cannot go into the presentation due to time pressure. We advise on the key areas of content and how to put across the key messages in a way that is both memorable and convincing. In addition we show you and your team how to use visual aids much more effectively. If we can get in early in the process this will save you a lot of time and wasted effort.
3. Presentation Coaching – Delivery & Rehearsals
You may have heard the truism ‘It’s not what you say, it’s the way that you say it’. We will equip you and the management team with the necessary skills and techniques to really engage and get the all important ‘buy-in’ of audiences so that they will be left with a positive and credible impression of the leadership team. We will also organise and run rehearsals ensuring that your precious time is not wasted.
4. Question Handling/Interaction
This is an opportunity for audiences to really look below the surface and is often the hardest part of the communication making the difference between success and failure of a proposition. We will show you and your the team how to handle the tough questions both convincingly and effectively.
5. Case Studies
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