Developing Natural Communicators


The art of negotiation is a vital business skill and especially so in these uncertain times. Arguably, the ability to negotiate in a virtual business environment demands an even higher level of skill and understanding.
Great negotiators are not born,  however. They follow a process and have to practice skills to become effective. Our negotiation coaching covers all aspects of negotiating for both novice and experienced alike.
Our workshops are delivered by seasoned professionals with many years of successful negotiation at the highest levels of industry. We make them a highly interactive experience, believing that people “learn best by doing” – one of the hallmarks Clearwater has built its reputation on. Individuals and teams practice negotiation scenarios which are filmed and then reviewed to elicit learning. We explain the process, dynamics and cover the full range of skills.  Clients leave with the ability to confidently negotiate under a range of circumstances.
Our most popular offering is our Two-day workshop which is usually delivered over consecutive days or can be delivered as a Facilitated Online Workshop in 4 x 3 hour blocks.
If your organisation is serious about negotiations and improving performance and results, this workshop is for you.
Discover how we can help you and your team.
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