COVID-19: Clearwater Advisers Response and Offerings

Covid-19: Clearwater Advisers Response and Offerings

By now many of you will be using remote team working tools like MS Teams, Zoom, Jabber and Skype with varying degrees of success.

We are keen to support all our clients at this difficult time and would like to make you aware of what we can and what we can’t do remotely. We are currently able to offer the following in 90 minute modules:

  • Presentation – Content and structure
  • Communication styles – improving behavioural versatility
  • High Performance Mindset coaching
  • Visual aids/Powerpoint slides
  • Review clinic – Script writing for keynotes
  • Presentation Workshop Refresher – Concept Review
  • Video pitch/presentation critique
  • Remote Interview preparation & coaching
  • Business Writing – Clarity, Concision and Coherence
  • Editing copywriting & Writing Coaching

If you would like to get in touch to schedule some time to book some time please contact us.

We are in the process of developing a Written Skills webinar and an offer to umpire shared spaces for style and behaviour. Please get in touch if you have any other ideas as to ways we could support you during this time. Contact Helen on admin@clearwater or call 0207 831 8700

We hope you, your family and team remain safe and positive during these times.

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