Setting You Apart

With increased communication, and the widespread use of mobile technology, the barriers to entry have become much lower and as a result, the marketplace has become ever more crowded and competitive.  It is only the organisations that can successfully set themselves apart who are going to succeed. We believe the best way of doing that is through your people. We give you a deeper understanding of how to capitalise on the unique strengths of your people to differentiate your organisation.

On a personal level, it is our experience that many people get promoted in their organisation on the merit of both their core skills and their communication skills. Much has been written in recent years about measuring and improving EQ. In many respects, we help executives with high IQ develop greater levels of EQ. In so doing we save them time, stress and money and improve their ability to successfully influence and persuade others in critical high-stakes environments. This means they achieve their goals much faster than they would on their own. We work much like a sports coach with an athlete who has made the decision that they want to compete at the highest level and is ready to make a start. We not only equip leaders and teams with the skills but also challenge them and work in their comfort zones to raise performance.

One of the things we find is that as people get more senior their core skills are a given but also as they get more responsibility to generate fees and manage others, they usually get less candid feedback. We provide that all-important objective feedback and accountability using video cameras to prevent complacency, improve performance and ultimately ensure true all-around excellence.

It’s the communication skills that make the biggest difference setting both leaders and teams apart from their peers.


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