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Advice & Coaching

All our work is bespoke so we are highly flexible. Broadly speaking we carry out our work in three ways, one-to-one coaching with senior individuals, group workshops or in advisory support, preparing people for live events. More often than not, once we start working with a client, it becomes a combination of all three.

Support Live Events, Beauty Parades, Pitches, IPOs etc.

IPOs/Trade Sales/Conference Speeches/Launches/Pitches/Promotion Interviews.These are a particular speciality of ours. Working one-to-one or with teams we:
– Reduce Risk
– Clarify the messaging
– Save preparation time
– Provide and challenge ideas
– Raise confidence
– Rehearse and fire questions at you
Whilst we will always do what we can to respond to the last minute call, to ensure the event is planned, a good lead time for an IPO/Trade sale is 3 months and a conference event is 6 weeks.
To ensure we are available when you want us, we suggest you get in touch as soon as the event is confirmed.

Communication of change

Major change is the new ‘normal’ for most companies. It’s a sad fact that much of organisational change is an uphill battle. Also many Mergers and Acquisitions (M&A) fail and do not add significant shareholder value. One of the key reasons for this is that many people instinctively resist change particularly if it comes across as imposed. Staff do not trust the leadership and they are not bought in to the message. We support organisations going through the change journey very simply by working on the messages, how they are delivered and how the interaction is handled. We have considerable experience in this field, reduce the risk and speed the whole process. If this sounds interesting we’d love to hear how we can help.


We run individual & group workshops in the following:

Advanced Presenting

Shorter, clearer and more memorable presentations/speeches
Less time spent preparing
Greater personal impact and confidence
Better use of visual material
Better handling of questions

Personal Presence Analysis®

More detailed diagnosis of individual needs
Improved competence, credibility, dynamism, persuasiveness

Leadership (Assessment and Communication)

Better leadership selection
Increased gravitas/presence
Greater buy-in
Increased motivation
Greater ability to influence

“Winning the Pitch”

Increased wins at competitive pitches
Better understanding of the selection process
Better team dynamics
More persuasive arguments

Influencing and Persuading

Increased Sales/Business Development
Longer and more profitable relationships
Increased Versatility/Better Interpersonal Skills

Media Handling

Better use of media opportunities
Better “media talent”/Increased media exposure
Greater success at interview

Written Coaching

Better RFP/ITT proposals
Shorter, clearer reports and letters
Less time spent reading/correcting


Better client relations
Better long-term outcomes
Increased ability to influence

Discover how we can help you and your team.

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