In today’s fast-paced business world, executives face increasingly complex and high-stakes negotiations. From mergers and acquisitions to supplier contracts and employee relations, executives are expected to negotiate effectively to achieve their organisational goals. Negotiating effectively is not always easy, and executives of today likely need additional support and guidance to hone their negotiation skills. This is where negotiation training from an executive coaching company like Clearwater Advisers comes in.

Executive coaching in negotiations is a process of working with a trained coach to improve an executive’s negotiation skills and strategies. This type of coaching can be particularly effective for executives who are new to negotiating or who need to improve their negotiation skills for specific contexts.

Why should you consider negotiation training for yourself or your team?

  • Identification of strengths, and weaknesses – Professional coaching will identify their strengths and weaknesses as negotiators. This process often begins with an assessment of the executive’s current negotiation skills and strategies, followed by a deep dive into the executive’s negotiation experiences. Through this process, the coach can identify areas where they may need to improve, as well as areas where they’re already performing well.
  • The development of existing negotiation strategies – This can include developing a negotiation plan, identifying negotiation objectives and priorities, and exploring different negotiation tactics and techniques. By working with seasoned professionals, executives can gain a deeper understanding of the different negotiation strategies that can be employed in different contexts, and develop a more nuanced approach to negotiation that takes into account the interests of all parties involved.
  • Building confidence – Negotiation can be a high-pressure and stressful activity, and it is not uncommon for those to feel intimidated or overwhelmed in negotiation situations. By working with a coach, executives can learn techniques for managing stress and anxiety and can develop the confidence they need to negotiate effectively.
  • Navigation of complex and difficult negotiation situations – Not all negotiations are the same, some will be tough. This can include negotiating with difficult or hostile parties, negotiating in high-stakes situations, or negotiating across cultures or languages. As veterans in negotiation, we can provide guidance and support to help you or your team navigate these types of situations and can help to develop strategies for achieving negotiation objectives while maintaining positive relationships with all those involved.
  • Improve strategic communication skills – Communication is a critical aspect of negotiation, and executives who are effective communicators are more likely to achieve successful negotiation outcomes. Our experience means we can work with you or your team to improve active listening skills, develop the ability to articulate interests and priorities and learn how to use strategic communication effectively with different types of negotiators.
  • Negotiation skills develop a more collaborative and inclusive leadership style – Negotiation is often about finding solutions that meet the interests of all parties involved, and who are skilled negotiators are often better able to build strong relationships with their stakeholders. Through professional training, those that need it can learn techniques for building consensus, developing effective communication strategies, and promoting a culture of collaboration within their organisations.

Negotiations Coaching with Clearwater Advisers

Our workshops are conducted by seasoned professionals with extensive successful negotiation experience at the highest levels of the industry. We believe in making our workshops highly interactive because we understand that people learn best by doing, a hallmark of Clearwater’s reputation. Individuals and teams participate in negotiation scenarios that are filmed and reviewed to facilitate learning. We cover the entire range of skills, explaining the process and dynamics of negotiation. Our clients leave with the confidence to negotiate under any circumstance.

Our most sought-after offering is our two-day workshop, typically delivered over consecutive days, or it can be facilitated as an online workshop in four three-hour blocks. If your organisation is committed to improving performance and results in negotiations, this workshop is perfect for you.

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